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Finance is driving companies’ towards attaining sustainability

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Why are Millennials revolutionizing brands approach to business?

Asia’s first Millennials 2020 Summit greatly showcased how this new generation, composed of people born from 1980 to 2000 is reshaping businesses today. Tech-savvy an...



How does Southeast Asia deal with its waste?

Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing economies in terms of population and consumption. Hence, the region is confronted to an increasing problem: the giant pile...


Why do we need #BrandsforValue?

As the world is now facing a surge of issues from social inequalities to economical crisis and global warming, the new generation; the "Millennials" is asking for change.

Representing an increasing proportion of our connected society, the Millennials assert their values and convictions through numerous channels: as employees, consumers, investors, bloggers and activitists. As firms have a hard time answering those new needs, their life expectancy is significantly decreasing.

Companies which will suceeed in being flexible, adapting to social challenges and creating an engaging ecosystem, will become #BrandsforValue: they will gain sustainability by being trustworthy.

How do we evaluate #BrandsforValue?

Brands for Value are the ones creating Social Value: value which is directed towards the triple bottom line: Profit, People & Planet.

Serving this triple bottom line entails that firms should change their current way of doing business. This can be done in a cost and risk efficient manner by innovating Internally and Externally.

Internal Innovation

External Innovation




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